Propaganda Workshop Dates 2018-2019:

Date of Workshop

Topic of Workshop

Location of Workshop

Registration Link

November 8, 2018 State of Deception: Nazi Propaganda

South Central High School; Greenville, NC

Click here to register for this workshop

April 9, 2019

State of Deception: Nazi Propaganda McDowell County Community College Click here to register for this workshop

Please download and print the following

SEVEN handouts for the Propaganda workshop:

Guidelines handout

Rationale for Teaching about the Holocaust

Propaganda Packet 

The Power of the Press

Modern Propaganda Worksheet

Christian Piccolini NPR Article

Frank Meeink

Other resources used during the Propaganda workshop:

Videos/Audio/Web Links:

History of Anti-Semitism video from USHMM

Faces of the Enemy Documentary–Sam Keene

World Cafe Guidelines and Principles

State of Deception: Nazi Propaganda Online Exhibit

Propaganda Video on Terezin

Propaganda Video on A Film Unfinished

Frank Meeink Podcast

USHMM Propaganda Unit

Return to Rivne: Centropa Film about Shelly Wiener and Raya Kizhnerman 

NBC News Story–Olympics

Fox News Story–Olympics

CNN News Story–Southwest Airlines Flight

Fox News Story–Southwest Airlines Flight

Power Points:

Photos for photo activity (The Two Deaths Part II)

USHMM Guidelines for Teaching the Holocaust

History of Anti-Semitism

Holocaust & WWII Timeline

Holocaust & WWII Timeline Minus Dates

World Cafe Model

History of Propaganda

State of Deception Lesson PPT

Modern Propaganda


“The Two Deaths”

Guidelines for Teaching the Holocaust

Timeline Years

Propaganda printables for State of Deception Lesson

Student handout This is why we fight

Teacher guide -This is why we fight-

Student handout Mothers working women

Teacher guide Mothers working women

Student handout Board game

Teacher guide Board game

Student handout Sochi Olympics

Teacher guide Sochi Olympics

Frank Meeink

NC-Holocaust-guide (from the NC Council on the Holocaust)

Example Resources List for a Holocaust Unit from Laurie Schaefer

Agenda for Propaganda Workshop:

Click here to download the Agenda.

8:00-8:15: Welcome and Logistics

8:15-9:30: Introduction to USHMM Guidelines and Anti-Semitism

9:30-10:00: World Cafe Discussion

10:00-10:15: Break

10:15-10:30: Historical Information on the Use of Propaganda from the 17th century -WWI

10:30-11:30: State of Deception Lesson

11:30-12:30: Lunch

12:30-1:45: The Power of Freedom of the Press

1:00-1:35: Modern Propaganda

1:45-2:00: Frank Meeink Podcast/Discussion

2:00-2:15: Break

2:15-3:15: Holocaust Survivor

3:15-3:30: Evaluations

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